Please go over this section with your child so they may know what is expected of them while at Child Care. I expect all children (age taken into consideration) to know the rules of the house. These I assume are quite similar to the ones you have in your own home. I feel it is important with the number of children in a daycare to follow these rules to ensure safety and lower maintenance of my home.

  • No hitting, biting, pushing, kicking, spitting, etc.
  • No throwing or intentionally breaking anything. (Parent will be responsible to replace anything broken intentionally).
  • No running, jumping, wrestling, climbing, etc. in the house or on the furniture.
  • No leaving the house or the yard.
  • No name calling, teasing, etc. Everyone is treated with respect.
  • NO GUM or candy.

Sometimes at pick-up, the children may get rowdy because someone else is here. Your child has listened to my rules all day. Please show your child that you respect me and my rules by reminding them and enforcing them while you are here. Believe me, when they get older, you will thank me.


When a child has certain symptoms, he/she should be kept at home. Some of these are:

Fever: A fever is a sign that the body is fighting some problem. The importance of a raised temperature depends on
what is causing the fever. A temperature of 101 degrees or higher means a child should stay home. In the event of this
type of temperature, the child should not come to daycare until the temperature has been down for 24 hours without the
aid of a fever reducing medication such as Tylenol. If your child wakes with a high temperature and you administer a
fever reducer, this generally only lasts a few hours and I will have to call you at work to come pick up your child. In
the meantime, the other children have possibly been exposed to an undiagnosed illness.

Vomiting or Upset Stomach: A child who has been vomiting can easily spread germs. If your child vomits while at
daycare, you will be expected to come immediately to remove your child from daycare. The child must stay home until
24 hours have passed with no vomiting episodes.

Diarrhea: When a child has a single loose stool, he/she does not need to be at home. However, if a child has very
runny stools that cannot be contained in a diaper, or the child cannot reach the toilet in time, the stool may contaminate
the daycare setting and this child must remain at home. Please use your discretion with this. If the child has diarrhea
that’s not contained, you will be called to come pick up your child from daycare.

Runny noses: Children with constant runny noses that are not caused by allergies may spread germs everywhere. They may wipe their noses on their hands, and then rub them on other children, toys and on surfaces. This is a difficult one to call. Please keep in mind how you would feel if other parents brought their child to care and exposed your healthy child. These cases will be handled on a case-by-case basis. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated. Parents should notify the child care provider if the child(ren) has been ill at home during the evening, morning, or weekend before attending childcare.

The child can be brought for care if they have a common cold (slight cough, runny nose, sneezing); however, the parent will be called if the cough becomes severe or the child is just plain miserable (excessive whining, crying, etc). If your child becomes ill while at daycare, he/she will be isolated from the other children and one parent will be called immediately. If I am unable to contact a parent, I will call the designated emergency contact person on their emergency card. The child will be unable to remain in daycare if ill and I will expect them to be picked up within the hour or a reasonable length of time. If your child is unable to go out or participate in daily activities, please inform me. Pro- longed requested for special treatment may result in a request to keep the child home until they are able to participate in normal activities.

Should your child require a modified diet due to recovery from an illness or injury, please inform me. You may be requested to supply the necessary foodstuffs required. If your child is to have a prescribed medicine during the day, the parent must complete a "Medical Release Form.” The
form includes the prescription name, dosage, and time of dosage and physician’s name and telephone number. The
parent must sign the medicine release form before any medication will be administered. The medicine must be in the
original container and must be handed to me (not in child’s pocket or bag). Some non-prescription topical medications
may be administered with a parental verbal permission. These include insect repellant and sunscreen.

Please be familiar with the policies regarding illnesses. There are no deductions in fees any time your child is absent due to illnesses. Fees are still due and payable in full and on time.

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