Our programs value and follow the guidelines of the National Association for the Education of Young Children’s (NAEYC’s) Accreditation Standards, including low teacher-child ratios. Our environments, similar to Montessori, promote children’s explorations. However, we also emphasize dramatic play, social interactions and creativity. Children engage in developmentally appropriate activities: promoting skills for Kindergarten and activities to help them understand the world around them.


We support two-year olds’ emerging language, self-help & social skills. We plan topics to help young preschoolers begin to understand the world around them. This program encourages a wide range of activities, including simple art projects, music & movement.

This program supports three-year olds (preschoolers) as they begin to learn self-help skills and social interactions through conflict resolution. Our topics promote vocabulary, beginning science, alphabet, counting and problem solving along with creativity, music and movement.

To prepare for Kindergarten, activities promote vocabulary, the alphabet, & pre-reading skills through phonics games, rhymes, and word play.  Topics reflect science exploration, math and numbers, logical reasoning.  Creativity, socialization, music & movement are also emphasized.

For Pre-Kindergarteners: Handwriting Without Tears
A handwriting curriculum that uses multi-sensory techniques and consistent habits to help
students learn pencil grip, posture, letter formation and handwriting from Pre-K through cursive.

Focused Literacy-based Prekindergarten Program:
Group reading aloud of our monthly book and engagement in other kindergarten readiness
activities exploring that book across the preschool curriculum: reading strategies, math, alphabet
recognition, sight words, handwriting, cutting, social concepts, general following direction skills.

Junior-Kindergarten is geared for older Pre-Kindergartners and those not yet ready for kindergarten. We emphasize phonics, printing, science and math each week.  Topics promote children’s discoveries through hypothesizing, experimenting and problem solving. It also includes art, music, and life skills.


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